Measure Real-Time Insights to Drive Peak Performance

Gain unbelievable visibility into your Marketing Insights on multiple levels and monitor the real value of your Marketing ROI
Measure and Insights


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Tracking ROI has been a difficult task for Marketers and SprigHub can help

Automate Marketing Efficiency by up to 80%

Centralize your data and get real-time automated marketing insights

Avoid the spreadsheet chaos of managing hundreds of .xls

Avoid the spreadsheet chaos of managing hundreds of .xls

Stop working in silos due to disparate system

Stop working in silos due to disparate system

Provide unified KPIs to improve accuracy and collaboration

Provide unified KPIs to improve accuracy and collaboration

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Marketing Performance Data

Map your campaign progress and milestones achieved throughout the process and alter it as required.

Monitor how much traffic your website campaign generates with our AI powered campaign management system.

Monitor the behaviour of your audience coming in to your website. Gather critical insights to sharpen your messaging and your marketing strategy.

Campaign Journey
Site Traffic

Connect your paid marketing campaigns with business impact

Paid Search
Paid Social
Paid Display

Create winning paid search marketing strategies by monitoring the true impact of your Paid Search campaigns. Gain real-time deeper cross-channeled insights on all your search campaigns. 

Get real time insights on your Paid Social campaigns across all major social media platforms, position your ads to the right audience at the right time, to drive quality engagement.

Amplify the share of voice of your Paid Display campaigns across all the major channels. Track your display ad spend and measure against the performance to increase your Marketing ROI.

Ad Fatigue Detection

Ad Fatigue Detection

Your ads could either die a hero or live too long to become the villain. Instantly get alerts when your ads start seeing signs of fatigue and make decisions on-the-fly.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

An anomaly can be a signal that makes or breaks your ad campaigns. Get instant notifications on the event of both positive or negative anomalies.

Connect disparate webinar, email and video campaigns in one place

Gain deeper insights, understand ROI of your email marketing. Using SprigHub adopt a holistic measurement approach to track key email metrics and measure business impact and customer journey experience.

According to a ReadyTalk survey, between 20% and 40% of those who attend a webinar become qualified leads. Gain unparalleled insights into your webinar audience and registrants to drive conversions.

Gain critical data and insights to understand how and why your viewers are interacting with your video content. Eliminate guesswork and deliver engaging and successful video content for your Marketing Campaigns.

Webinar & Events

Transform Your Marketing ROI with SprigHub

SprigHub is an insight and AI-driven platform that provides a closed loop process for marketers to plan and measure campaigns.

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