Purpose driven marketing

Purpose-Driven Marketing and CX

A customer’s intention to purchase used to be governed by outdated yet critical factors – such as price and product. Today’s consumers however have become more demanding and as such are guided by newer attributes – such as the actions and statements made by a particular brand. A number of recent international studies have made it evident that the general public is more likely to purchase and support companies that are purpose driven. In this blog, we’ll explore the trend of purpose-driven marketing and how data, analytics and some creativity are the perfect recipe for this type of marketing.

People are often inclined to engage in business with brands that they perceive as having integrity. Especially in times of a global crisis, an increasing number of customers have flocked to brands that are in support of a cause. The cause might be towards a charitable institution, an anti-pandemic initiative, anti-racial movements or groups that are reaching out to assist in any way they can. The point is that consumers are looking for brands that function with a purpose.  

Leveraging Analytics to Find the Right Purpose

From a marketing perspective this means formulating campaigns that are centered around giving back to the community and working for a cause. A sympathetic approach towards Customer Experience (CX) can boost the overall perceived empathy of a brand and in turn have a positive impact on brand loyalty. When your company opts to leverage intelligent marketing analytics to track a number of customer interactions you can implement more carefully crafted CX strategies.

After all, inspecting and meticulously studying consumer interactions and feedback is the only way to get into their minds and understand your brand positioning. Now if you have systems that are intelligently automated to do this – you have a wide range of data related to a number of fields. Understanding this information with the help of comprehensive dashboards and comparative visuals can give you the insight you need to curate the right CX strategy without seeming gratuitous.

Data Plus Imagination Can Be Your Success Story

Having the right marketing program is the first step, but measuring the impact of your program as a purpose-driven initiative is just as important. By tracking online customer interactions, sentiment analysis, brand-tracking research and marketing copy research your brand can better understand the impact of its CX strategies. Gaining a thorough understanding of how an individual consumer internalizes your brand is key to ensure marketing planning grounded in an empathy-based approach.

When you look closely at this data, you’ll be better equipped to identify campaign patterns that work with your target audience and come up with ways to enhance them. In addition to this you’ll also be able to figure out what has not been working out in your favor and structure mitigative strategies to cope. Most brands right now are sacrificing meaningful customer relationships by prioritizing bottom-of-the-funnel engagement – compelling customers to purchase. But in fact, it is the brands that pause and come up with creative means of connecting with their audience that secure the winning combination for sustained success.  

When you’ve been able to provide a more personalized CX for your brand you can rely on the support of patrons even during times of crisis. Data is key in order to begin strategizing any sort of marketing plan targeted at launching a purpose and CX oriented campaign for your brand. But without a compelling value proposition all of that data is likely to be of no use. Data is critical but so is a well-articulated strategy for establishing communication. 


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