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Virtual events are now the main attraction due to the restrictions of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. In light of this trend, Reuters Events is making waves with their newest online board-level meeting Strategic Marketing USA (5-6th November, Online & On-Demand), that will unite some of the world’s most influential CMOs to set benchmarks and showcase innovation. SprigHub is thrilled to announce our partnership with Reuters Events in bringing you this event.  It will set the stage to map the future of marketing.

Customer Experience and Marketing is one of many intelligence sectors of Reuters Events dedicated to helping large corporations serve their customer better. Customer marketing, engagement and services are being disrupted across industries creating new challenges that can be overcome with advanced business models along with mobile and digital transformation. With SprigHub being an AI driven marketing navigator, we aim to bring you the latest, best-in-class unique and innovative solutions designed to empower your brand through transformative digital marketing.

The online event Strategic Marketing USA (5-6th November, Online & On-Demand) is a 2020 must-attend with a huge focus on interactivity. It is another edition to Reuters Events’ tactical series of board level meetings. Rather than discussing the how tos of marketing, this is a congregation of the world’s most influential CMOs where news will break, benchmarks will be set, and marketing leaders in attendance will pioneer the way forward.

Four Key Discussion Themes for 2020

Jasmine Kees, Strategic Director, Reuters Events has said “We are amidst the most dramatic shift in consumer expectations in a lifetime. The entire fabric of our lives has changed and, in turn, so too has the way we want to interact with brands. Marketing must change to align with this shift, now.” Bearing this in mind the event will be observed as four essential marketing themes.

1.                   CMO Strategy and Trends

CMOs discuss plans for maintaining brand relevancy in a constantly dynamic world – honing brand purpose, reinventing a legacy and creating a culture of innovation. 

2.                   Customer Insights and Understanding New Consumer Behavior

A customer’s needs, wants and expectation have drastically changed. It is now more critical than ever to fully understand your customer and their journey to unlock data-driven personalized experiences.  

3.                   Agile Content and Creative

Differentiate yourself with impactful interactions that inspire and create a lasting impression as well as connection. Utilize this shared global experience to connect on an emotional level, spinning stories that are hyper relevant yet grounded in brand identity. 

4.                   Digital, Social and Influencers

As social-distancing guidelines are being followed, the channel of choice for many is social media and as such rendering influencers with a high level of impact. We’ll discuss video, influencers and the formula for social success.

Outdated narratives dictate that marketing produces “traffic” and products drive “conversions” while customer service “saves” the experience. It’s up to CMOs and chief growth officers to do everything they can to drive the growth of the business – be it through advertising, PR, product or better customer service. The need of the hour is for business leaders to expand beyond functional specialties that center around the brand and utilize a wider toolbox of functional expertise to grow businesses. To help with this we’ll be hearing from a number of keynote speakers such as,

·       Penny Baldwin, CMO, Qualcomm

·       Ira Rubenstein, CMO, PBS

·       Evan Jones, CMO, Fender

·       Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey

·       Kevin Peck, SVP, Global Branding, AT&T

·       Andrew Strickman, Chief Creative Officer, Realtor.com

·       Doug, Jensen, SVP, Estée Lauder

·       Alex Weinstein, SVP Growth, Grubhub

·       Connie Chan Wang, Director, Global Brand Marketing, LinkedIn

·       Erica Chan, Head of Brand and Marketing, Alibaba.com

Attended by 5000+ marketing leaders, Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing USA will be live November 5-6th and available on-demand for a limited time after. Primarily made up of CMO case studies and panel discussions, the agenda will feature discussion streams and Q&A from the audience consistently throughout the two days. Additional workshops and roundtables will also be run sporadically throughout and following the summit.

Registration is free for a limited time only, so check out the website here: https://events.incite-group.com/east/

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