You be the GOAT… Let us handle the geeky stuff.

You got that sweet marketing degree because you’re cool, hip…  dare we say swaggy – not because you want to manage spreadsheets, pivot tables  and SQL. SprigHub handles the technical  stuff, making you look good. So you be you. We’ve got your back. 

G. O. A. T.

Greatest of All Time, aka Michael Jordan - not that other guy (for a lot of reasons), though we digress...

What we do


Your marketing data is a few clicks away.



Understand how each channel is performing in real-time.


Drive instantaneous spend decisions via Sprighub’s dynamic optimization engine.


Share credible insights, ROI, and marketing impact across the organization.

How it works?

Key Integrations

Don't Take Our Word For It

eileen gilbertson

Sprighub has been an invaluable resource to our marketing team. The platform automation has saved us countless hours aggregating and segmenting our channel data across various ad servers. More importantly, Sprighub attribution has provided us with a more accurate understanding of our buyer’s journey and our multi-channel acquisition performance, allowing us to allocate budget more efficiently, obtain more sales, and lower our cost per acquisition.

Eileen Gilbertson, Vice President


american industries re

We chose SprigHub as the solution for our need to track in real-time campaigns executed by different teams across our business units.  It facilitates the optimization of our campaigns and budget across our entire Marketing portfolio.

Isaias Albarran, Marketing Director

American Industries

Some of the most advanced marketers in the world already use SprigHub.

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