Sprighub is the most advanced Marketing Analytics tool in the world

Attribution Engine

Our Attribution Engine evaluates every touch across every channel, and then defines the impact of that event on conversion.

While traditional attribution tools provide attribution presets such as first touch, last touch, u shape and others, SprigHub utilizes a “full path” attribution model – following your customer throughout the entirety of their journey and giving you valuable insights into E2E campaign performance.

Optimization Engine

Our Optimizer Engine automatically allocates spend across channels and then forecasts conversion rates based upon planned increases or decreases in your spend.

Campaign Performance & ROI Tracker

The ROI Engine tracks each campaign and its associated activities / conversions to calculate return on investment, helping you decide where to invest.

Monitor in real time the budget, spend and performance of your marketing channels against your goals. Get real time notifications in Slack or Teams for Anomalies, Ad Fatigue, under-performing channels and likelihood of overspend.

Our proprietary algorithm provides recommendations for the best time to launch a campaign on each of your social channels in order to maximize your target audience reach.

Sprighub’s AI-driven Effectiveness Score determines the next best action based on your buyers’ current engagement to date.

Account Insights Engine

The Attribution Engine looks at every touchpoint within an account, and helps both understand the impact of Marketing on Sales, and provides unique, real-time insights for account teams.

Social Listening Engine

The Attribution Engine looks at every touchpoint within an account, driving the measurement of Marketing's impact on sales, and delivering unique, real-time insights for your sales team.

Some of the most advanced marketers in the world already use SprigHub.

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