What makes SprigHub different?

We get it...

There are providers out there that claim to help marketers measure individual channel performance. But if you look deeper, these platforms are about either integrating data, or enabling you to create a report. This isn’t actually useful, as it doesn’t actually provide recommendations or give you deep Insights into changes you should make.

Frankly, we’re different. SprigHub is an end-to-end SaaS software package, driven by a few great ideas:

Differentiator #1

All of your marketing performance information in one place, regardless of platform, vendor or channel.

Differentiator #1

This means no more hunting across different teams, systems and vendors to get the answers you need.

Differentiator #2

A SaaS platform, with zero custom development, and full marketing insights out-of-the-box.

Differentiator #2

Unlike other tools, where it takes weeks or months to build reports & insights yourself.

Differentiator #3

Sprighub’s dynamic channel optimization drives real-time-decisions that can be automated and awake, when you aren’t.

Differentiator #3

Our system works in real-time, creating insights and recommendations based upon changes in performance.

Differentiator #4

SprigHub tracks and responds to changing vendor standards, implementing key changes so you don't have to.

Differentiator #4

You’ll never have to worry about understanding vendor or industry changes  - we’re on top of it.

Data Collectors

Where SprigHub differentiates ourselves from our competitors is in data integration. We have dozens of connectors ready to go, off the shelf, and we can stand connectors up fast (like really, really fast).

Why wait weeks or months to get IT or a partner to create new connections, when we can stand your organization up in a matter of days.

Security at SprigHub

At SprigHub, we ensure our infrastructure, development, data and application follow key security compliance standards at all times.


SprigHub is hosted with Amazon Web Services – Gartners' leader in cloud infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Network Level Security

We leverage HA proxy to filter incoming & outgoing requests, while allowing traffic to come from only designated ports

Application-level security

Our API server verifies incoming requests against tokens. Users are allowed access to specific resources controlled by Access Control Lists


Data is always encrypted.

Data in resting and/or states of motion are secured by best practices. Data is always encrypted.

For more detail about our security process, ask us for our Security Brief.

SprigHub Video Library

Some of the most advanced marketers in the world already use SprigHub.

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