SprigHub enables you to quantitatively measure marketing's impact.

Campaign Managers

Channel Owners


Understand the impact of your marketing organization – creating the definitive story on how marketing drives conversion. And, drive accountability for the performance of your marketers and agencies – ensuring that every $ spent has an associated impact that can be measured.

SprigHub for Agencies

SprigHub helps agencies drive increased conversion for clients by both measuring activity performance and also in showing how your agencies’ work is data-driven – measuring not clicks and impressions, but actual outcomes for your customer.

And, SprigHub allows your agency to focus where it performs best – not in advanced data science, continuous technical integrations, and endless debates on activity performance.

Your agency can manage an unlimited number of clients on SprigHub – ensuring that your clients have access to the information they need without massive overhead on your part.

Some of the most advanced marketers in the world already use SprigHub.

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