Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Boost Conversions in Days with AI-Driven Attribution

Accurately map Channel Effectiveness and Conversions. Optimize campaigns on-the-fly to maximize returns.


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Accurate Multi-Touch Attribution Is Challenging. But Not Anymore.

Credit the Right Channels for Conversions

Capture every single customer journey, in granular detail and uncover which of their marketing touchpoints were responsible for driving revenue.

Optimize marketing spend

Optimize marketing spend

Track the right channels that contributes the most to sales and optimize marketing spend

Improve personalization

Improve personalization

Create winning content strategy by identifying the sources that leads to most conversion

Maximize Marketing ROI

Maximize Marketing ROI

Maximize value and returns by understanding true customer acquisition costs

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Increase Conversions in Days

SprigHub’s Attribution Model leverages the power of Machine Learning to continually adjust, adapt, and optimize the model. When changes are made to campaigns, personas, sources, SprigHub factors those into the model without the need for manual remodeling.

While traditional attribution tools provide
attribution presets such as first touch, last touch, u shape and others, SprigHub utilizes a “full path” attribution model, following your customer throughout the entirety of their journey, giving you valuable insights into campaign performance.

Continuous Optimization
Full Path Attribution

Gain Accurate and Real-Time Marketing Attribution with SprigHub

SprigHub is an insight and AI-driven platform that provides a closed loop process for marketers to plan and measure campaigns.

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